Susan Schroeder


Camp Wood, Texas


BFA in Art/Visual Communications
Cum Laude
The University of Houston, 1987

Freelance Graphic Designer
1990 to Present

I won't deny it...I have an unending compulsion to create! Even as a young child, I knew I was destined to become a professional artist. When I was about 15 years old, I was introduced to painting with oils and sold my first commissioned piece ― an oil painting of a vase of red roses.

My career in graphic design and past work experience with computer-aided drafting for a microelectronics company brought me to the intersection of art and technology... and I think that's an exciting place to be these days! The computer geek and artist in me finds that the digital medium merges my two worlds ― it's the perfect blend of technology and art.

My artistic style ranges from Realism and Impressionism to Stylized and Abstract. I love color! Generally, the colors I select for my pieces are bold and bright.

Subject matter is taken from nature and wildflowers (mainly the Texas Hill Country). As an amateur photographer, I capture images of plant life as it is found in its natural environment without disruption or destruction of its habitat. My original photographs form the basis of my digital paintings. With my photos and paintings, it is my hope that more people will learn to appreciate the fragile beauty of nature that grows beneath our feet and be inspired to help preserve the environment.

Our time on Earth is short and there is already too much drama in our daily lives, so I choose to spend my time creating and surrounding myself with beauty. My nature paintings allow me to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside my home... and I hope into your home too.

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